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Local Multiplayer Monday – Wargroove

In Local Multiplayer Mondays, we’ll feature a game that you can sit on the couch and play with friends on a variety of systems. Because sometimes we miss playing games with real people. Our first feature is…


Game type: turn based strategy game
Players: up to 4
Play time: matches can take hours, but it depends on your playstyle and map.
Systems: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Fans of Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars will love Wargroove by Chucklefish, a turn based strategy game with cute stylized art and dozens of maps that will keep you entertained for hours. Players choose one of twelve factions, each with a commander whose “groove” builds up and grants special powers throughout the match. (One of the commanders is a dog, so I was immediately sold on this game).  The factions have the same basic units but each has a unique flavor and each commander’s power encourages different play styles. Maps feature varied terrain and weather, so players must make use of ground, air, and water units to win. Since play is turn based, you can play passing a single controller back and forth, which reminded me of playing games on a Gameboy on long car rides with friends and siblings.

Because it’s a strategy game, it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the game providers clear guides within each match as to the strengths and weaknesses of every unit, as well as the effect of terrain on movement and attack/defense. This may slow down your games with new players, but choosing a small map can ensure that  your matches end quicker.

The art, animation, and music is unique for each faction, and it’s a pleasure to play with different factions just to see the battles for each unit. Despite the endless war the factions and characters are locked in, the game maintains a relentlessly cheerful tone, and its easy to spend hours with this game.

Outside of local multi-player, the game also has online multiplayer and cross platform play, so you can play against your friends online in real time games. There’s also a robust community of map makers, so you’ll never run out of unique levels to play through. And, again, I can’t stress this enough, you can play as a dog. Buy this game right now and leader your army  into battle with a cute dog. You’ll have fun, I promise. 



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